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Mini Monday: ViltalaKim

Natural Kids: Mini Monday: ViltalaKim

Monday, December 1, 2008

Mini Monday: ViltalaKim

Meet Kim, one of the newer team members here at the NaturalKids Team. Kim works with felt (or vilt if you're in the Netherlands) and makes lovely creations for the home.

When I was lillte I was always being crafty with origami, filigraan, knitting etc. Later I became creative with flowers and garding. After giving birth to two lovely daughters I became a floristteacher and I have a fulltime job doing that.

My passion now is making felt by the wet-felt technique. I sometimes use the felting needles. Thanks to my friend who moved to Sweden and introduced felting to me. A fine colleque helped me with different feltingtechniques. Felting is so much fun to do! It gives me new energy in this world where everything has to be done fast. Felting is physical hard work and can take a while before it's finished. Never the less Is felting something magic every time. Colors somehow mix together and become new colors.

Your Mini Monday correspondent...



Blogger viltk said...

Hi, thank you for the mini Monday!
I just noticed it, sorry I didn't respond sooner.

Great to see some items of my store here. Thanks!!!

December 4, 2008 at 1:52 PM  

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