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Mini Wednesday - Natural Earth Farm

Natural Kids: Mini Wednesday - Natural Earth Farm

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mini Wednesday - Natural Earth Farm

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Meet Tonya of Natural Earth Farm   :

Our family - Mom, Dad and six children - work, play, live and learn together on our homestead in northern Vermont. Our family business was born out of a desire to work toward a home based, simple, rural, homesteading lifestyle. We are truly blessed.

All materials used are natural and can be returned to the earth without harm.Creating with our hands provides deep satisfaction and connection to the earth and to ourselves. Living simply with few possessions and not relying on our vehicles and gasoline to get to a job is just one of our goals. We enjoy being with each other as a family but do not lose sight of the need to also be connected to the community.

We work with natural fibers such as wool and wood to provide quality toys and gifts that are gentle on the environment.

Visit the Natural Earth Farm blog here:

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