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Mini Wednesday - Mosey

Natural Kids: Mini Wednesday - Mosey

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mini Wednesday - Mosey


Meet Jes of Mosey:

Mosey Handmade is inspired by the fabrics from her childhood, calico's and tiny prints, hand dyed felt. Mosey loves working with recycled materials. dyeing them, cutting them up and fashioning them into new lovelies. After graduating from the Museum School in Boston, Mosey dusted off the old sewing machine and got right down to work.

A love of things found in her tiny garden, the ocean or the forest nearby. natural materials have become a mosey favorite and she cannot seem to get enough of wool, linen, and cotton.

Mosey Handmade has been felting recycled sweaters in her washing machine all fall and winter- and there is nothing like the hum of the wash and the smell of lavender soap to get one sewing!
All mosey items are handmade in a wee little studio with a view of the garden and the smell of the ocean.

You can see more of Mosey on her blog:

article by prettydreamer  



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